meet shelby sipe professional counselor


Counseling is a collaborative process between you and me where we will work on areas of dissatisfaction and progress towards your life goals. I want to teach you not just how to cope with life again, but to thrive and pursue what you value. I want to make sure you feel heard, valued, and accepted for who you are- no matter what you’ve done or what’s happened to you.

I operate from a holistic approach to incorporate the mind, body, and soul. Research shows our mental health, our physical health, spiritual health, and relational health are all correlated.

I believe our life experiences shape our thoughts and feelings, which in return, motivates our behaviors. I use evidence-based interventions to address trauma, unpleasant memories, and other stressful experiences. Additionally, I use cognitive-behavioral interventions to teach clients how to take charge of their lives and lead more productive and fulfilling lives by transforming maladaptive thoughts into adaptive ones.


Certified EMDR Therapist
Certified DBT Therapist
Master’s in Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Auburn University
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Journalism, Troy University


Before I was a counselor, I was a cowgirl. I love horses and western culture. I grew up competing in rodeos and later went on to compete at the collegiate level for Troy University’s Women’s Rodeo Team. Today, I enjoy training young horses and still compete in amateur rodeos. A typical day for me involves both high-heels and cowboy boots. I am business suits by day and jeans with a baseball cap by night.

My husband and I also have a small herd of cattle. We love watching the newborn calves nurse, play, and mature. I believe in being a steward of the land, and I am thankful for the opportunity to care for our animals. I am passionate about most things outdoors and can’t think of a better place to spend my time than out in the country.

with love shelby