counseling services


coping and self regulation

Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection. If unresolved, these adaptive survival responses become habitual autonomic patterns. I use evidence-based approaches to help you resolve psychological pain and give you back your emotional freedom. We will rewire your brain and reset your nervous system.


trauma resolution

Our true feelings can be messy, inconvenient, confusing, even addictive. They may leave us vulnerable and out of control. However, emotions & feelings are forms of information. If we didn’t need them, they wouldn’t exist. Through our work together, you will learn to recognize, understand, tolerate, and accept your emotions. You will learn to embrace your emotions because you’ll know how to cope with them.


career counseling

Deciding on your career path or making a career transition can be a daunting task. Self-reflection and research are integral parts of the career development process. I am here to help you understand your personality, skills, interest, and values, so you are better equipped to find a college major and/or career fit. I also offer resume reviews, job search techniques, & employment strategies.